This data usage policy explains why and what kind of personal data we ask players to provide on the Superomatic online casino site.


We process personal information only in the following case:

 If you, as a visitor, are registered and agree to the data usage policy.

The site has data protection laws.

Data usage policy is an agreement between you and the casino. We may periodically change the policy, as we will notify users of the site. We recommend that you regularly refer to this data use policy.

Before you start using our site, carefully read this data usage policy.



Information that we will collect, process, store on the site is designated as "personal data". This concept includes:

Name and birth date.

Gender and age.

E-mail address.


IP address.

Survey results and ratings on the site.

Transaction history.



We use the data obtained for the following purposes:

Processing deposits and transactions.

Compliance with legal and regulatory standards.

Support service work

Protecting user accounts.

Securing transactions in order to prevent fraud, money laundering and other illegal actions.

Marketing analysis of player behaviour.

Sending advertising information (promotions, products, online casino services) to registered users.

We do not collect user personal data without consent. At the same time, certain personal data is collected automatically in cases when you provide it in the process of interacting with our website and using our services.


We obtain certain personal data from Internet providers legally. We also have the right to engage third-party service providers to provide technical support for processing user online transactions and to support the operation of user accounts.


Please note that in this way we may receive certain information that you have provided to other service providers and online services. We store and use such information in full compliance with this data usage policy. Certain information provided by you may be transferred to third parties outside the Superomatic online casino in accordance with this data usage policy. We take all necessary measures so that our agreements with service providers guarantee the security of your personal data.



We may transfer certain data provided by you to our business partners, service providers, and entities within the Superomatic group of companies. Data transfer is carried out in order to fulfil the concluded agreements.


We give guarantees for the provision of any information of interest to third parties to which your personal data and transaction information can be transferred.


Please note that we or our providers have the right to transfer personal data from one state to another in order to provide our services. The transfer takes place within the European Union (EU) and within the framework of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). The processing of personal data in the respective countries is carried out in accordance with your agreement with the policy for the use of personal data. We take reasonable measures to guarantee the security of users' personal information during processing and in full compliance with this data usage policy.


Superomatic online casino guarantees the safety of personal data in accordance with legal requirements - this means that personal information will not be transmitted to third parties, apart from the situation when data transfer is necessary to provide our services and the services of business partners.


Access to your personal data is available to the relevant authorities, regulatory authorities, employees of the Superomatic online casino in order to be able to provide their services and fulfil official obligations. By accepting this agreement with the data use policy, you confirm that you agree with the above cases of the transfer of personal data.



The Superomatic online casino does not sell personal data of customers to third parties. Please note that we can transfer personal information during the acquisition of new companies and mergers with other companies.

We will notify our customers by e-mail before making such changes in the structure of the company.

We also have the right to distribute personal data in cases where it is necessary to comply with the rules of the Superomatic online casino, regulations, protect our rights and property.



The Superomatic online casino is committed to the safe storage and use of personal data. When collecting and using personal data, we undertake to comply with legal acts on the protection of personal data.

You can delete your account. In this case, we continue to store your personal data in accordance with the law. This information will be used only at the request of the competent authorities in situations where it is necessary to check financial transactions for fraud, money laundering and other criminal activities.




All registered users of the Superomatic online casino have the following rights on the site:

You can change your personal data at any time.

You can find in the support service how your data is used, for what purposes and what kind of protection we guarantee.

You can unsubscribe from the Superomatic online casino services at any time.

You may prohibit the use of your data for marketing purposes.

You can contact support for assistance and help in case of questions.

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